Freight forwarding in closed train system, in inland, export-, import- and transit traffic


Organization of intermodal and traditional railway carriage including on-going
monitoring of the cargo


Design of specific cargo jobs including implementation, as required



In fiscal year 2005 CER Co transported by 252 loaded trains more than 350.000 tons of lignite in inland traffic along the Bükkábrány-Visonta route.
In cooperation with a German private railway company we carried out our first international carriage job along the route Gladbeck- Sturovo-Miskolc.
The total weight of cargo delivered in the first fiscal year of CER Co was 422 thousand tons.

Starting from fiscal year 2006 CER Co completed the export forwarding of grain in the amount of 350 thousand tons from Hungary to the Netherlands, and the import carriage of approximately 120 thousand tons of Polish coal from Poland to Hungary.
This year CER Co also engaged in transit traffic of consignments between Germany and Romania.
The amount of cargo carried in year 2006 between Duna Refinery– Ostrava and Duna Refinery– Bratislava was nearly 90 thousand tons.
In 2006 the total freight forwarding performance of CER Co amounted to 573 thousand tons, or 187 million ton-kilometers.

In 2007 CER Co preserved the position on the export-, import and transit markets earned in the previous years and entered the market of forwarding of petrochemical and chemical products between Western Europe and Hungary.
Jointly with our customers we have redirected to railways cargo traffic between Romania and Poland, and Romania – Czech Republic.
The performances achieved in year 2007 significantly exceed those of the previous year both in terms of the volume of and revenue from freight forwarding: CER Co carried 1.1 million tons of cargo at 361.2 million ton-kilometers of freight forwarding performance e volt.

Along with upholding our position on the export-, import and transit markets earned in the previous business year CER Co added to the volume of petrochemical and chemical products carried in year 2008 between Western Europe and Hungary. Accordingly, CER Co carried a total of 1.5 million tons of cargo in this business year while the freight forwarding performance increased to 477.2 million ton-kilometers.

Not unlike other railway companies CER Ltd had to face new challenges in 2009, the year of crisis. Having made a desperate effort, however, we successfully cracked on to keep most of the business, and building on the professional excellence of our staff CER Ltd managed to gain new businesses that called for even higher standard of services. Owing to these efforts the freight forwarding performance of CER Ltd is expected to approach the performance achieved in 2008.


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