Freight forwarding in closed train system, in inland, export-, import- and transit traffic


Organization of intermodal and traditional railway carriage including on-going
monitoring of the cargo


Design of specific cargo jobs including implementation, as required


A kazah piac a logisztikai konferencia középpontjában
2014. 02. 27.

Horváth László tiszteletbeli kazah konzul, az L.A.C. Holding Zrt., egyben a CER Hungary Zrt. tulajdonosa volt a Magyar Logisztikai Egyesület februári, XIX. konferenciájának fővédnöke. A konferencia középpontjában a feltörekvő piacok egyik legtöbbet ígérő országa, a magyar gazdaság számára rendkívül fontos Kazahsztán állt. More

The XXII. Plenary Meeting of the International Association „Coordinating Council on Trans-Siberian Transportation” supported by CER Cargo Holding.
2013. 11. 18.

The plenary meeting of the transportation association (founded in 1993) Coordinating Council on Trans-Siberian Transportation, was being held in the Hungarian capital, which has the members of 105 from 25 countries. During the 2 days negotiations 250 delegated person took part, from 25 countries and were listening the presentation of CER Cargo Holding too. One of the main sponsor of the plenary meeting is CER group. More

The Economist-cikkben írtak a CER-ről
2013. 08. 28.

A világ egyik legrégebbi és legtekintélyesebb angol nyelvű, hetente megjelenő gazdasági hírmagazinja, a The Economist vasúti fuvarozásról szóló cikkében megszólaltatták Horváth Lászlót, az L.A.C. Holding cégcsoport és a hozzá tartozó CER Hungary Zrt. elnökét. More

CER Cargo Holding: successful participation at München Transport logistics
2013. 06. 11.

One of the biggest trade fair in Europe is the Transport logistics at München, this year with the successful participation of CER Cargo Holding too. More

Előadás a Szabadjelzés konferencián
2013. 05. 10.

A MÁV Pályavasút idei „Szabadjelzés” konferenciáján előadást tartott Végh András, a CER Cargo Holding kereskedelmi vezérigazgató-helyettese is a vasúti árufuvarozás, főként infrastruktúra vasutat érintő kérdéseiről. More

CER Hungary the expert of special consignments
2013. 05. 06.

CER Hungary Zrt, which has been established in 2004, has gained 60% boosting last year. One of the main factor of this huge step forward was, that the company which belongs to L.A.C. holding, not only known as the specialist of switches and linked facilities, which are necessary to the track renovations works, but generally the local expert of special consignments. More

Elhunyt Nagy Zoltán, a CER Hungary menedzsere
2013. 03. 13.

Gyászol az L.A.C. Holding nagy családja. Március 12-én, életének 56. évében elhunyt Nagy Zoltán, a CER Hungary kereskedelmi projekt menedzsere. More

Enticing clients from road transport and river freight by CER Hungary Zrt
2013. 01. 02.

CER Hungary Zrt – member of the L.A.C. Holding - has gained more than 60% increasing. According to Mr Tamás Heinczinger, who is the commercial director of the Ltd, the secret of the market success is that they have been changed their business strategy. The company shall continue its keen sales strategy in 2013. More

Successful inspectoral audit at CER Hungary
2012. 12. 07.

CER Hungary Zrt. in order to improve its working procedures, decrease the chance of occurrence of the defaults, respectively to try to prevent and filter those, has grounded and run its TQM system. More

Forum about the transport of dangerous substances by railway organized by Hungrail, in the Széchenyi garden restaurant
2012. 11. 05.

The governmental, regulational and special authority’s organizations, respectively the main representatives of the forwarding companies, concerned by the aggravation of the Hungarian transport of dangerous substances by railway, have been invited for a widespread conciliation by Hungarian Railway Association (Hungrail), which have been partaken by CER Hungary Zrt, the member of the L.A.C. Holding. More

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